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Femboy Republic

Femboy Republics Power Thrust Machine

Femboy Republics Power Thrust Machine

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Introducing the ultimate partner in passion: the Power Thrust Machine. Engineered for robust endurance and unparalleled performance, this machine is your ticket to endless pleasure. Its sleek, modern design delivers a customizable experience, with adjustable angles and speed settings to match your rhythm. Ideal for those who demand intensity and precision, the Power Thrust Machine is ready to fulfill your deepest desires with relentless efficiency. Get ready to experience the height of satisfaction time and time again



Product information:
Product category: electric masturbator
Material: metal+toughened nylon
Function: automatic retraction
Color: black/purple
Control type: governor
Main body size: 37 * 12 * 24cm
Main material: tempered nylon
Maximum noise: 40 dB
Specification: black           

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