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COKELIFE Anal Intense Lubricant

COKELIFE Anal Intense Lubricant

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Finally! A lubricant specifically for coked up anal sex: Get a line and get ready to slide into a world of cheeky delight with Cokelife's Trio of Titillation — the ultimate lubricant collection that caters to every backdoor whim. Whether you're looking to chill out, heat things up, or just numb the reality of that 'oops' moment, we've got you covered. Our 'Glacier Glide' gives you shivers in all the right places, while 'Fiery Frenzy' ensures that things stay hot even when the action cools down. And for those seeking a smooth operator vibe, 'All Numb' offers a velvety escape from the typical tushy trepidation. Pick your potion or mix and match for an unforgettable escapade that guarantees to be slick, slimy and supremely satisfying.

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